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Happy Monday y’all! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend 😄 As for myself, I hit Hobby Lobby and Joann for pompoms, and some hat quality yarn. Late night craft store runs are always exciting!

Who knew husbands could make such great yarn displays when debating colors in a late night craft store trip??
Check out this bag my sweetie got for me!

We picked up Premier Sweet Roll yarn, Lion Brand Wool Ease in Cranberry, and a few small trinkets here and there. I took advantage of coupons for both Hobby Lobby and Joann, I’d highly recommend for y’all to download the Hobby Lobby app, and sign up for Joanns newsletter on their site. I saved so much money taking advantage of their sales PLUS their respective 40% off and 60% off coupons! 

The Order

After our craft store run I received a late night order for some simple double crochet beanies I like to make. These work up quickly, and I was able to fulfill the order in just two hours (with a great many ADD breaks in between, I might add!) Thankfully I’d purchased some Cranberry Lion Brand yarn at Joann the night before, so I could get to work! These simple hats were done using the Magic Circle method in (mostly) DC. 

These two hats are headed to Washington State today, and will be used on fishing expeditions to Alaska! I’m very excited to mail these off.

The Week Begins!

I have more orders to fulfill, so that will keep me busy for today. No more trips to Hobby Lobby in the meantime, as I keep getting pompoms for hat making! All I want to do right now is make hats 😂❤️ Perhaps it’s just the weather. 

How about you my friends? Did you have a great weekend? We also hit a Christmas parade, it was an absolute blast! I hope y’all had an excellent time, leave me a comment telling me about your weekend! What projects do you have planned for this week? Hats, sweaters, Christmas ornaments perhaps? Would someone like to take me with them to Hobby Lobby or Joann Fabrics? Just kidding! Happy knitting y’all, make this week a great one 💋