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I’ve finally received my first few skeins of Premier Sock Yarn! I’m so eager to try this out, y’all have no idea. 

At First Glance: the yarn is smooth, stretchy, and has an excellent squish-ability when squeezed in-skein. The dye scent is not abrasive, and the colors are bold and bright. The color I have chosen is “Grand Canyon”

This sock yarn is self striping, how well it performs in this area remains to be seen, but my hopes are high and my needles ready! 

A full review will be done as soon as I have completed a project with it! Until then, keep warm, or cool, depending on your neck of the woods. I’m absolutely thrilled with the look and feel of this and can’t wait to post an update on its usability! Take care 💋

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2 thoughts on “Premier Sock Yarn – At a Glance

    1. Wow, I had just gotten this blog set up and your comment was buried in a sea of spam! Thank you! I’m a huge fan of your blog and it means alot to me! 😄 My sock yarn went missing shortly after this post and I was swamped with holiday orders, but I am going to order another batch of it ASAP. I loved the texture, and the self striping color was just beautiful!

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