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With temperatures steadily dropping across the United States, I’ve been on a mitten making kick!  Last week I shared a Selbu Mitten Inspired knitted hat pattern. This week, I felt inspired to crochet some actual mittens! Easy January Mittens are designed to be beginner friendly, and are worked from the fingertips up, using the Magic Circle Method.

In this pattern I have included two variations – one for a a unisex/one size fits all sized mitten, and the other for a youth/small adult sized mitten. 

Easy January Mittens are fun, warm, and customizable! If you prefer video patterns, I’ll soon be making a video tutorial for these as well. 

And, if you need any help with the magic circle method, I have a video tutorial of it down below.

Use cranberry red yarn with an oatmeal colored or brown accent, for a deep wintery color scheme, or use some self striping mittens like I did in the photo examples for a totally unique pair of mittens! 

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Crochet Terminology 

  • Ch – chain
  • Sc – single crochet
  • Dc – double crochet
  • Sl st tog – slip stitch together
  • Inc – 2 single crochet in one stitch Sc2tog – single crochet two together
  • Dc BLO – double crochet back loop only

You will need

  • 5.0mm hook (US size H hook)
  • 1 skein of size 4 yarn of your choice for unisex/ one size fits all mittens. (Redheart Derby Stripe used in striped mitten example) OR size 3 yarn for adult sized small mittens/ large youth sized mittens. (Aldi Brand “Easy Home” used in red mitten example)
  • 1 skein of Lion Brand Homespun “Pearls” (optional, for cuff)
  • Yarn needles and scissors for weaving in ends.

Easy January Mittens Method

Make 6 sc In magic circle , sl st tog

Increasing Your Round

Ch 1, 2 Sc in each stitch around. (12) sl st tog

Ch 1, 1 sc, then 2 sc in next stitch. Repeat around (18) sl st tog

Ch 1, 1 sc in each stitch, twice. then 2 sc in following stitch. Repeat around (24) sl st tog

Rows 1 through 4 :Sc around. Sl st tog
Row 5: inc in first and last stitches of row. Sl st tog.
Row 6 : Sc around, sl st tog.
Row 7: repeat row 5.
Row 8: Sc around, sl st tog.
Row 9: repeat row 5
Row 10: Sc around, sl st tog.

Row 11: Make 2 inc in beginning of round, then 2 inc in the end of round (2 sc in first stitch, 2 sc in 2nd stitch, then 2 sc in each of last 2 stitches of row). Sl st tog.
Row 12: Sc around, sl st tog.

Row 13: repeat row 11

Row 14: Sc around, sl st tog. Row 15 : repeat row 5
Row 16: Sc around, sl st tog.
Row 17: Sc around, sl st tog.

Row 18: Sc around, sl st tog.

Creating the Thumb

Row 19: sc 9 stitches. Sl st the following 6 stitches. Ch 1, turn – sc into slipped stitches. Ch1, turn, repeat 6 Sc across, 20 times. (To make a mitten with thumb on opposite side, Sc until you reach the last 9 stitches of your round. Then sl st across 6, ch 1, turn – and continue the same way you did the first thumb.)

Fold flap inside out, and seam thumb all the way around. Flip right side out so that you now have a thumb shaped pouch to the side of your mitten.

Sl stitch to attach thumb to round, then sc across and around mitten to finish round. Sl st tog.
(If you’ve made a thumb on the opposite side of the work, Sl st to attach thumb to round, ch 1, turn, and Sc across thumb of mitten, all the way around to finish your round. Sl st tog.)

Row 20: Sc around, going into thumb with Scs Row 21: Sc around, sl st tog.
Row 22: Sc around, sl st tog.
Row 23: Sc around, sl st tog.
Row 24: Sc2tog twice, in beginning of round, then twice again at end of round (4 stitches decreased to two, on each side) sl st tog.
Row 25: Sc around, sl st tog.
Row 26: Sc2tog once in first two stitches of row. Sc around, then Sc2tog in last two stitches of row. Sl st
Row 27:Sc around, sl st tog.

Row 28: Sc around sl st tog.

Row 29: Sc around, sl st tog.

Creating the Cuff on Easy January Mittens

Row 1: Dc around, Sl st tog.
Row 2: Dc BLO, around. Sl st tog.

Row 3: Dc BLO, around. Sl st tog.

(Optional) Rows 4 and 5 : Join Lion Brand homespun yarn, Sc across row, sl st tog – for optional fuzzy mitten cuff border. Tie off, weave in ends.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed making a pair of Easy January Mittens for yourself or a loved one, or for your store! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on my website, or across any of my social media outlets. I’m always happy to help. Til next time 🧶🥰 – Callie B.