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Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! I hope the holidays have treated you all well, and I hope that you all received a little yarn in your stockings 😉🧶 I know I did! During Christmas I became obsessed with a knitting technique out of Norway; Selbu patterns. My latest pattern, the Foxes in Snow beanie, is a beginner nod to those beautiful Norwegian patterns. So you have double stranded knitting, and the traditional black and white colors to create a bold, wintery look. 

Cute little Grey Fox heads! 🦊 

Anyone who knows me know that I am obsessed with all things woodlands inspired, be it decor, art or apparel. Where I live here in the Southeastern woodlands, my neighbors just happen to be beautiful, elusive Grey Foxes! I wanted to pay homage to them with this design, and to the beautiful landscape that I call home. The three elements of my inspiration behind this design are near and dear to my heart, and I hope that you feel similarly inspired whenever you wear this hat.

Southeastern Woodland Beauty, and perfect hat weather!

And speaking of snow, the Foxes in Snow beanie is a lot thicker than your average hat knitted in size 5 yarn. The double stranded technique essentially creates another layer of warmth. I highly recommend this pattern if you’re living in a super cold climate, or if you’re like me and simply get cold easily!

Now the Foxes in Snow Beanie is knitted a bit longer than average so you can wear it two ways, as a slouchy hat, or folded up and worn as a traditional beanie! You can customize the lengths to your liking, but the versatility of this one cant be beat.

Stranded Colorwork

If you’re not already familiar with stranded colorwork, trying it out with the Foxes in Snow Beanie is a great place to start! This is the inside of the hat, and as your can see, each unused strand is “floated” across the work, which creates an extra layer of warmth as I mentioned before. I highly recommend holding both strands of working yarn in your hand at one time, and then picking up whichever color you need as you go along 

If you knit this hat, be sure to post it on Instagram and use my hashtag #FreshOffTheNeedlesBlog so I can see your work! 🥰

You will need:

🧶 9mm/US size 13 16” circular knitting needles. I recommend THIS set.

🧶 Two skeins of any size 5 yarn, but I recommend This Alpaca Blend Yarn 

🧶 Stitch Markers 

🧶 Yarn Needles and Scissors for weaving in ends 

Foxes in Snow Beanie – Pattern

So, lets get onto the pattern! Be sure to pin this to Pinterest, using the image below:

If you would prefer a printable, ad-free copy of this pattern, a high quality PDF version is available on my Ravelry and Etsy stores. Your onetime purchase supports the livelihood of this site ❤️ 

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Beginning the Ribbing

Cast on 50 in your base color (cream) – join in the round, and add a stitch marker to your right hand needle.

Rows 1 through 14* – K1, P1 across for each row of ribbing. *I prefer a hat with long ribbing, so 12 to 14 rows is recommended if you prefer a longer rib. If you like shorter ribbing, just knit until you like the look of the rib. Remember that if you’d like to be able to fold the ribbing upwards to wear the hat like a regular beanie as well, it will need to have longer ribbing than usual.

Body of the Foxes in Snow Beanie

Rows 1 and 2 – Begin by knitting 5 stitches in your base color (cream), then make 1 stitch in your Fox color (charcoal). K5 more in cream, then K1 in charcoal. Repeat until you have 9 stitches in charcoal around, with 5 stitches of cream between each charcoal stitch. (You should have passed into row 2 before completing all 9 charcoal stitches)

Row 3 and beyond – *K5 in base color, K1 in Fox color, K5 in base. Repeat from * around, until you reach desired length. Typical slouchy hats should be be 12” to 18” in length. (31cm to 46cm)

Binding Off

Binding off is a breeze for this hat, and this skill can be utilized in many other hat bind offs. My video tutorial for this method can be found here:

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But, for those who cannot watch the video – Pull your right hand needle out of your stitches.

Cut working yarn from your skein, leaving 12” of yarn attached to the hat. Thread a yarn needle with the 12” tail you left on the piece – begin slipping your left hand stitches onto the yarn needle, and pulling the yarn through the stitches. Once all the stitches have been slipped off, pull the yarn tightly to close the hat, being careful not to break the yarn as you pull. Push the yarn needle through the center of the hat and turn it inside out. Weave in ends.

I hope you enjoy knitting up the Foxes in Snow beanie just as much as I did! I have tons planned for Fresh Off The Needles 20k20, so tune in and be sure to like and subscribe on YouTube, as well as follow me on Pinterest, Facebook, and instagram. Be sure to leave a comment or shout out if you need any help or have any comments on the pattern! Happy New Year! Callie B ❤️🧶

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