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If you’ve ever been strapped for time and in need of a quick, snuggly gift, this Free Shawl Pattern is here for you! The Sugar Mountain Shawl makes for an excellent birthday gift, Prayer Shawl, or gift for someone needing a bit of extra love and care in their lives.

What could be better than to be wrapped in the warm, fuzzy embrace of a custom made shawl? This Beginner Friendly Shawl Pattern will allow even new crocheters to create an heirloom quality shawl. Moreover, it’s extra warm and cuddly texture will be well appreciated by it’s receipient. Whether it’s made for a sick loved one in a hospital setting, or being gifted just because, you can’t really go wrong with the gift of a beautiful, handmade shawl.

Mostly, I want to share this free pattern with you in case anyone is ever in need of a quick shawl. Shawls are excellent gifts in times of sudden emergency; I made more than 80 of these shawls for the sick and elderly in my community in the winter of 2019. But, as fate should have it, I didn’t back up my photos at that time. When I switched phones, many of the Sugar Mountain Shawl photos were lost. What a lame situation, am I right? Luckily I do still have the youtube tutorial I made for this, which is available below, in addition to the written pattern which I will be sharing here!

Free Video Tutorial For the Sugar Mountain Shawl

Without further adeau, let’s get onto the free written pattern! I’m hoping this free shawl pattern helps you create many cuddly shawls in the future.

You Will Need:

  • 1 Skein of Bernat Big Ball (highly recommended. buy it in a variated or solid color for the fastest shawl ever, with only one end to weave in at the end)
  • 1 12mm Crochet hook
  • scissors

Free Shawl Pattern – The Sugar Mountain Shawl

Row 1. Chain 5, make 3 Dc at the end of your chain. Chain 3, then do 3 more Dc in same stitch.

Row 2. Chain 3, turn. Dc in turning stitch, then in each stitch up until chain 3 space. Make 2 Dc in chain space, chain 2, then 2 more Dc in chain space. Dc til end of row.

Row 3. Chain 4, turn. Dc in turning stitch – chain one, skip the following stitch, Dc. (*Dc, ch 1, skip st, dc) til chain 2 space. Dc 1 in chain 2 space, chain 2, Dc one in space. Repeat from * til end of row.

Row 4. Chain 3, turn. Dc in turning stitch – then in each stitch, and in each chain space til you reach the chain 2 space. Make 2 Dc in chain space, chain 2, then 2 more Dc in chain space. Dc in each stitch and chain space til end of row.

Repeat rows 3 and 4 until shawl is the size you want 🥰🧶 If you use 1 skein of Bernat Big Ball yarn, you can crochet until the skein is done, and have 1 average sized shawl.