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Our furry friends are our family; and what better way to to show our love and thanks to them than by making accessories just for them?

The inspiration

 I am a proud mama to several sweet doggies, several are chihuahas and chihuahua mixes! 🐶 One issue I have found in smaller dogs is the propensity to cough when leashed to a standard collar. This upset me – I don’t like the way those fit, so I set out to make something softer. 

This was my very first attempt at creating a dog harness by hand – while pleased with the initial result, I wasn’t particularly comfortable with the durability. Loki (pictured above) can be hyper at times. The jack russel in him wants to run. So I set out to make something stronger, more trustworthy for our beloved friends.

The concept of a heavier, bulkier weighted harness was born. Using Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn, I began a prototype. This dog harness is incredibly easy to crochet – the Extra Bulky yarn works up quickly, and the entire pattern consists of only two stitches – the American style Double Crochet, and the Slip Stitch. 

This pattern is very well suited for beginner Crocheters, and dog lovers of all sizes! The pattern below should fit a chest of around 14″, and a neck of around 11″ in diameter. Sizing for larger or smaller dogs can be made by measuring your pup – and let’s be honest, a great deal of trial and error. All dogs are shaped differently, so have fun with it 😄❤️ 

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While these harnesses are softer and easier for our puppers to wear, I would also like to advise use of common sense. This is yarn we are working with – and while my pattern is heavier and more durable than the other dog harness patterns I have tried in the past, I would not advise homemade harnesses on larger dogs or hyper dogs, by themselves. I often collar + harness my fur babies on their walks for extra safety. Yarn is stretchy and your craftsmanship alone will be keeping them on the lead if you choose to only use their homemade harness. 

If you would prefer a printable, ad-free copy of this pattern, a high quality PDF version is available on my Ravelry and Etsy stores. Your onetime purchase supports the livelihood of this site ❤️ 

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That said, let’s get into this fun pattern! 🧶

Recommended Supplies:

  • Lion Brand Hometown USA size 6 Extra Bulky yarn – though any size 6, durable yarn will do.
  • 8.0mm/Size J Crochet hook
  • Metal rings – these can be keychain rings, I suggest a box of them from Walmart. I bought a set of 40 rings for just over $4, and the quality is impeccable!
  • Stitch marker 
  • Yarn needles and scissors for weaving in ends
  • Something to measure with – some may choose to freestyle it and not measure their work, or simply try it on their pup as they go along. I genuinely recommend the latter UNLESS you have another well fitting harness you could measure for comparison! 


Chain 30

  • Row 1  Starting in the second chain from hook, DC across 
  • Row 2 Ch 1, turn. DC across 
  • Row 3 Ch 1, turn. Sl St to stitch 13 – insert a stitch marker here. Make 4 DC, then Sl St to the end of the row 
  • Row 4 Ch 1, turn. Sl st back to your 4 dc, then DC across those 4 previous DC. DO NOT COMPLETE ROW. 
  • Rows 5- 9 *Ch 1, turn. DC across 4 DC again.  repeat from * 4 times.
  • Row 10 You should now have a slightly “T” shaped piece. At the end of the 4 DCs you just worked, Ch 11. 
  • Row 11 DC across the chain of 11. Sl st across your 4 original DC stitches. 
  • Row 12 Ch 11 on the adjascent side of the 4 original DCs. DC across.
  • Row 13 Sl st back across your 11 new DC.

The work may look a little funky at this point, but have faith. We aren’t finished yet! 😉 Cut your working yarn here. We are about to do something radical!

  • Row 14 On the bottom side of the right hand 11 DC, join yarn and Sl st across bottom of chain. Sl st across the side (approx 2 stitches) of the work, until you are once again at the beginning of the 13 Dc stitches.
  • Row 15 DC across both straps, including the 4 DC in the middle. (30 DC)
  • Row 16 Press the top and bottom straps together, then Sl st across. It should be 4 to 6 stitches, depending on the size of your project. 
  •  Row 17 (do not Ch 1) Dc across the joined Sl sts
  • Row 18 *DC in second stitch from hook. Dc across, leaving one stitch at the end of the row empty. Turn.*
  • Rows 19-20 Repeat from  (*) 
  • Cut your working yarn, and repeat Rows 16-20  on the other side of your harness.

Finishing off

Cut your working yarn and weave in all ends. You could embroider a design anywhere on the harness or decorate it however you see fit! The possibilities are endless. You should have two small flaps at the end of the harness where it will join with your hardware. Attach your metal rings beneath the flaps, and use a yarn needle to sew the flaps down. 

Your harness is complete! I hope you enjoy making these as much as I do. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or contact me across any of my social media channels. A video tutorial of this pattern may be a possibility in the near future. Please share this around with all your crafty friends, and pin it on Pinterest for others to find. Until next time, 

(and furry friends! 🐶)