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It’s that time of year. It’s hot, it’s muggy, and sometimes crocheting a blanket just doesn’t sound fun! What better way to spring into our summer months than with a quick and easy bathroom essential; a super soft, 100% cotton facial scrubby?

Tiny but mighty!

These little scrubs are something so simple, yet so satisfying to make, and when paired with other bathroom goodies, they make excellent gifts!

I’ve had so many family members request these, again and again. They fit perfectly in the palm and are so good for makeup removal! They have become so popular that I have been commissioned to make several hundred of these for a local business! 

Cotton yarn and a G sized hook make an ideal pair in this simple crochet pattern. You could also use the pattern as a base for making perfectly flat, buildable circular designs – such as a starting point for a coaster or pot holder. They can be embellished with lace borders, or any stitch you can think of!

Free pattern below, but if you prefer a printable, ad-free copy of this pattern, a high quality PDF version is available on my Ravelry and Etsy stores. Your onetime purchase supports the livelihood of this site ❤️

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Recommended Supplies

  1. US size G or 4.0 Crochet hook
  2. Sugar’N Cream 100% Cotton yarn (note that you can substitute any kind of yarn here, and if it’s worsted weight you’ll achieve a similar result, but Sugar’N Cream was used in the making of this pattern and has my highest recommendation)
  3. Yarn Darner and scissors for weaving in ends


  • Make a magic circle, then Ch 2. (I’ll be posting a tutorial on the Magic Circle soon ❤️)
  • Row 1 DC in magic circle for 12 stitches total. Pull tail on magic circle to cinch the circle together. Sl st last stitch and first cast on stitch together.
  • Row 2 Ch 1. Dc twice in each stitch going around (24) Sl st to join the circle as previously instructed.
  • Row 3 Ch 1. *1 Dc in 2nd st from hook, then 2 Dc in next stitch. Repeat from * until the end of row. Sl st to join the circle as previously instructed.

Finishing off

The best part of this pattern is how fast it is to make these little cotton lovelies in bulk. Simply snip your yarn and weave in the ends, and your scrubby is complete!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this pattern. If you have any questions or just want to chat about anything yarn, leave me a comment, and be sure to share this free pattern with all your crafty friends. Until next time friends ❤️