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Anyone who knows me knows that there is one type of project I absolutely detest – scarves. Be they knitted or crochet, I find them repetitive and time consuming. If you’re anything like me, and hate scarf knitting, boy do I have the pattern for you. This free pattern is made up entirely of the Knit stitch! Purl haters rejoice. Yet the end result is distinctively stockinette. Magic.

So it came to be…

I devised this pattern early in January of this year after receiving an order for a scarf and hat set from a friend of mine in Missouri. I wanted to produce a quality product quickly  – it would need to be thick, double sided, heavy, floppy, durable – the pattern came to my mind and off I went. 

By choosing a self striping yarn, and knitting fully in the round, I was able to produce a 6′ long scarf in only two sittings – for a busy post holiday season, I feel the speed was impeccable. For the first time in my life, I genuinely enjoyed making a scarf. Whoa. 

The secret to this scarf, as you can see – is the fact it is made on circular needles. You will be creating a very long tube – this gives you the double sided wonder of a thick, warm scarf without any extra sewing. Knitting it in the round also increases your speed as you aren’t turning your work after each row. This scarf is done entirely in the Knit stitch, which makes it extremely accessible for the beginner knitter.

You may be wondering why I choose to publish this as my very first Free Pattern – in the middle of May, of all months. But the reason is simple – many of us are already working on Fall and Winter gifts. It’s as good a time as any, if you ask Callie B. That said, lets get into the pattern! Please Pin this on Pinterest so that others can find it and share!

Free version below – If you would like an ad-free, high quality printable download of this pattern, you can purchase it here on Ravelry or Etsy:

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Recommended Supplies:


  • Cast on 35 stitches using the Knit Cast On. Join in the round using the criss cross method – place stitch marker on your right hand needle.
  • Row 1: K all the way around, keeping your tension even. You will later use the tail leftover from the cast on to seam the scarf opening together.
  • Row 2 and Beyond: K all the way around, row after row. The scarf makes itself – so knit until you achieve the desired length, joining any new yarn as necessary.

The scarf will come out reversible and double sided as you are essentially creating one long tube. This is a very fast and efficient method of making scarves!

Finishing Off:

Once you have reached your desired length, use a bind off method you’re comfortable with – it doesn’t really matter how you bind off this particular scarf. You can add a fringe, or none, depending on the style you make. The scarf pictured is fringeless by request, and paired nicely with the slouchy hat I made to match it. 

Once bound off, weave in your ends, and use those loose ends on the top and bottom to sew the openings of the tube together. Your scarf should be complete. 

If you have any questions, or feedback, leave a comment. I hope you enjoy my first free knitting pattern! Love,