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There’s a chill in the air as I sit to write this blog post. Here we have arrived into late September and I know that knitting and crochet are on many of our minds.

So, I was looking through my vintage patterns again and came across this adorably stylish cinched Sweater. What a fun sweater this would be to make! And just in time for early Autumn 🥰

I absolutely adore the striped sleeves and the collar on this timeless sweater. And I think you will love how it fits when you knit it up with some modern yarns!

So what do you think, is it next on your to-knit list? If so, be sure to tag me on Instagram @freshofftheneedles when you make it, I would love to see this finished in today’s era! It would look so cute on someone 🥰

Note – Sharing this free Vintage Knitting patterns is legal – as I am sharing, not selling the pattern. That is why I am unable to provide a printable PDF of this free Vintage Knitting Pattern – sorry! But feel free to look at the pattern below and let me know if you knit it up!

The Pattern

Bottom line reads “work in pattern for 10 rows”

So, what do you think? Will you be making this stylish cinched Sweater anytime soon! Again, I would love to see your results 🥰 til next time!